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Let me tell you about a woman that I have looked up to all my life.  This women has not only showed me the way to live my life to the fullest but she has given me the tools to make my life what I want it to be and much more.  She is one of my reasons for living and the person who has given me life.  Now, I know that most people feel that there mother is the best mother in the world; Let me tell you why my mom is not only the best mother but also my best friend. 


When I was 12 we found out that I was dieing from cancer and the doctors said that I only had 6 months to live.  Only being 12 years old had I no idea of the things that were to come next.  My mother cried a lot, however she prayed often.  She used to come to my hospital room and tell not only me, but my doctors that it was not my time and that there had to be a way to help me. 


 Well one day I was tired, just tired of being sick so I asked my mother if we could just stop everything and if she would just let me die?  Her eyes got big (I will never forget that look) and she told me that life is good; God has big plans for me.  Never give up, because you are going to live; a lot of other things were said that day between my mom and me.  This was the day that I looked at life different and it was also the day that my mother became my best friend.


I’m a stronger woman because it took a very strong woman like my mother to raise me.  Don’t get me wrong we don’t always feel the same way about everything however, her values on life have been passed down to me. 


 When I was 20 years old my mother told me that “I want you and your sister to always have somewhere to go, just in case something was to happen to me.”  She said that “renting a house is not the key” so, about 2 months later she bought us a house.  Now, she knows that no matter what we should always have a safe place to go to.  My mother name is Teraesa and she has showed me that all things are possible. 


I have learned a lot from my mother and I hope that one day I can fill her shoes.


Written By: Npeter06

Edited By : Teekee Anna




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I loved you until I could not love anymore

I gave you all I had and even more

It was not enough, you wanted more.

I thought you were the one so sweet, so special

your plan was not the same, your plan was


You took my heart, my soul, and it felt like you

Took my Life.

Love is a Bitch

Love makes you feel like life is all good

It doesn’t let you see the bad things in a person

It makes you think the other person feels the same way

about you

When all along the plan was to get what you can get


Get the money, the cars, the good jobs and anything

else the person is willing to give


Love is a Bitch

When you find out this individual never loved you

in the way they said……….YOU HURT!

But what we must realize is that

Pain is Life and Life is Pain

Men and Women can be dirty

See what this dirty world

With these dirty ass people

Are all about

And go on with your life because now

And only now this minute

We realize that


By: Npeter06

Edited by: Teekee Anna

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