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Hello Everyone,

Dating is a very serious issue in most of our lives; we invest a lot of time and money into our relationships.  In order to have an effect relationship you MUST have open communication with each other and most of all TRUST.  You must be honest with one another because in the event that your not, your partner will no longer trust you.  Without trust there is no relationship!

One of the serious issues that most couples run into is dating someone with children by someone else.  This can be a difficult thing and a sticky issue because one of you may feel that you only have to do for your child(ren) while leaving the other child(ren) out. Or the child(ren)s parent may not want the child involved because of ones selfishness!

In the case that the parents don’t want you involved, I suggest that you don’t press the issue, as time pass they will eventually come around.  They will begin to see that they are only hurting the child. I believe that if you are dating someone with kids, then you are to love them as if they are yours.  When you do things as a family, just be sure to include them even if it turns out that they are not able to attend.

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Teekee Anna


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